– Michael Uslan, originator of BATMAN film franchise

Today's top comic artists have collaborated with magician Steve Cohen to capture his tantalizing origin story, in dark, poignant scenes.

In the Foreword, legendary illusionist David Copperfield writes, “The behind-the-scenes story is as engaging as the magic he performs. Like any good fable, it weaves fact with fiction, truth with tall tale, into a memorable read.”

110 pages, full-color.

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Meet the Millionaires' Magician


Steve Cohen made his name as an exclusive act for society's elite. He has been featured on the Late Show With David Letterman and in Variety and Forbes, and for nearly two decades held a residency at the Waldorf Astoria New York. His show Chamber Magic ® now plays at the Lotte New York Palace.

Following Cohen’s sensational career comes The Millionaires’ Magician, a not-quite-biographical graphic novel retelling of Cohen’s life and rise to fame.

Steve finds his very life swept up in a dark scandal when he discovers a powerful businessman’s dooming secret and must “disappear” to avoid a deadly fate. He spends years hiding in Japan and training in martial arts before returning to New York to save the businessman’s innocent victims and exact his revenge. Using the skills of a magician, Steve devises a methodical plan to take down the criminal mastermind... from the inside.


Conceived by

Steve Cohen

Foreword by

David Copperfield


Story by

Keith Champagne

Art by

Peter Krause

Coloring by

Jordie Bellaire

Cover Art

Tara Phillips

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Reviews of Steve Cohen and The Millionaires' Magician

“What Steve Cohen does is flatly impossible. Don't believe me? Well, read this - and don't believe him yourself.”

Peter Sagal, host of NPR's WAIT WAIT DON'T TELL ME

“An intimate caprice of parlour diversion by an enthralling and consummate master.”

Derren Brown

“Alongside some of the top talents in the comic business, Steve has created a dramatic tale of how he landed at the Waldorf Astoria. I highly recommend it.”

David Copperfield

“Steve Cohen is as brilliant a magician as you will ever see.”

William Goldman, Variety

“Not only has this master magician written the best ever graphic novel dealing with the subject of magic, he has also turned himself into the world’s first modern day magic-powered super-hero... and that was no easy trick!”

Michael Uslan, Originator and Executive Producer of the Batman film franchise

"Not an illusion - this graphic novel is engaging and breathtakingly real."

Chip Kidd

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